CodeGen - A ToolBox for Developers

CodeGen is a secure, high efficiency, and offline-able software, it provides several useful functions

We hope it can save your day from heavy redundant operations and reduce your workload to some extent. Our aim is, to write code more easily by using this software, we promise that we will keep updating its function and putting more useful functions on CodeGen.

Now, we already supported main popular platforms such as Windows, OSX and Linux. At the same time, we also provides the online version of CodeGen ToolBox , you can enjoy the majority of features without installing on your PC. We thought you might like this toolbox, let's go!

Download Software(Web Based Architecture)

CodeGen Online ToolBox has been released now as well.

To use our online toolbox service, please access . No worries, we will protect your privacy and security just the same. In order to have a better experience for our user, now the user can use the online service without any installation effort. Hoping that you would like it!

Platform Released Version Preview Version Remarks
Online ToolBox web(v1.5.2) web(v1.5.2) Quickly use majority functions with ease without any installation.
(It will only support non-localization features.)
Windows zip(v1.5.2) zip(v1.5.2) 64-bits only
Linux(General) tar.gz(v1.5.2) tar.gz(v1.5.2) 64-bits only
Apple (Intel) tar.gz(v1.5.2) tar.gz(v1.5.2) 64-bits only
(Intel Version)
Apple (M1) tar.gz(v1.5.2) tar.gz(v1.5.2) 64-bits only
(M1 Version)

Software Preview